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Online News BBC

Tesla is aiming to increase its production by 50 percent a year for the next several years.

Tags Tesla’s Stock – Elon Musk – Tech News – Automakers
Broadcast MSNBC

Government's general budget for 2022-2024 amounts to $181 billion.

Tags Economy – Budget
Newspaper The Sun

$100bn in climate finance is coming.

Tags Climate Change – Climate Finance – COP26 – Greenhouse Gases Emission
Forbes Middle East
Judicial Department
Dubai Economy and Tourism
Inter Parliamentary Union
Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority
Abu Dhabi Chamber
Dubai Customs
The Gulf Today

Why Spica?

We help businesses analyze consumer opinions, discover actionable insights and manage brand reputation.

12K Newspaper
2000 TV Channels
15K Magazines
1500 Radio Channels
20M+ Online sources

Media Services

In today's world, your brand's strength is integral to your success, and your job as a marketer and a public relations officer is harder than ever. That's why we offer you various media services to help make your job easier and your life more enjoyable.

Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring

We provide you with comprehensive media monitoring across social media, newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and online news, with valuable analytics and reports to help you enhance your performance.

DData and Analytics

Data and Analytics

We know that creating reports and analyzing insights can be very time-consuming and stressful. At Spica, we create custom reports and give you all the relevant insights to help you understand your media performance and build your strategies.

PR and Communications

PR and Communications

The Media Publisher automates the news publishing process. With a huge global database of media contacts, you can easily send your news and stories to the right journalist.



We help you understand your brand's performance by tracking and analyzing conversations about it online. We also help you know and track your competitor's performance online to help you outperform them all the time.

Media Technologies

To help stay at the forefront of advanced technology, we offer you different media technologies to help you succeed.

Smart Media Platform

Smart Media Platform

An interactive media solution to help you stay on top of all your media duties.

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Clipping Factory

Clipping Factory

A complete system built for digitalizing and clipping newspapers, magazines, and any other physical document.

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Broadcast Monitoring System

Broadcast Monitoring System

A system built to help you monitor and archive everything broadcasted on TV and Radio Channels.

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We are Media services Company

We are not an overnight success

We came to the Middle east In 2005. We started in Dubai with a mission to help our clients by providing them with media intelligence services and media solutions.

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