Why Spica?

At Spica, we believe in creating deeper relationships with our clients and providing them with the best services and experience. That is why we:

AI & Machine Learning

Use Advanced AI & Machine Learning technologies. To give you access to the latest cutting edge technology

Big Data

Bring structure to complex big data. To help you analyze and make the best use of your data

Analyzable Data

Help you turn data to knowledge and turn the knowledge to decisions to take the best actions

Own Your Data

Enable you to own your data so you never lose anything and build on informative historical data

Dynamic Reporting

Provide you with dynamic Reporting Engine to help you save time on report building and insights gathering.

Instant Alerts

Send you Instant alerts for negative news to make sure you stay on top of any Crisis

Our Clients

Leading organizations and entities trust us eith their media intelligence needs.

Forbes Middle East
Judicial Department
Dubai Economy and Tourism
Inter Parliamentary Union
Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority
Abu Dhabi Chamber
Dubai Customs
Our Mission

Our Mission

We believe in the Power of Big Data, that’s why we made it our mission to bring useful structured big data to our clients and help them transform the way they work and make decisions.